Art pieces of the artists of Russian and West European schools, unique collection of vintage and antique furniture, graceful items of decor and souvenirs from 1950-60s — everything is stylishly combined by the hard work of Natalya Belonogova into one space where every element is effectively working in a combination with others to recreate the feeling of home cosiness, tranquility and comfort — atmosphere in which it is pleasant to spend time and which is impossible to forget.


Authentic works of art of XIX-XX centuries, unique furniture, antique porcelain, bronze and much more — all of this can be found in Antiquarny.


It is possible to purchase all of the elements of decor presented here which will become a constant reminder of the pleasant time spent here.

Evenings in Antiquarniy are sometimes accompanied by live music

Mirrors give you an opportunity to observe the details, even if you are not facing them

A few secret corners, where you can enjoy the company of your friends

Eye-catching details are always attracting attention

19th century dining suite made of Karelian birch is the perfect fit for the big companies

You can enjoy an absent, while observing the life of mollusks

The crab isn’t always there, but sometimes you can catch the sight of him

The most beloved places are next to the bar. They are rarely free.

The best designer armchair in Antiquarny Boutique & Bar

Just a statuette of a clown. For sale.

The oldest armchair in Antiquarny Boutique & Bar

You can work at the german writing desk from the year 1934, you can enjoy your dinner at it either

The lightning plays an integral part in the interior of Antiquarny Boutique & Bar

The most ridiculous armchair in Antiquarny Boutique & Bar