New knowledge and experience, unforgettable acquaintances and companionship is the purpose of life for many easily carried away people. Those people tend to surround themselves with objects and friends that would remind them of the past experiences and marvelous emotions connected to them. Then comes the moment to share your story with the world. 


This is the story of Antiquarny Boutique & Bar, inconspicuous from the outside, but full of vintage furniture, carefully selected souvenirs, exceptional courses and cocktails, rare wine varieties and the most inspiring guests…

Tranquil music is heard here, friendly fire is performing its graceful dance in the fireplace, the on-going conversations can be heard here and there accompanied by the curious looks of guests. Life takes on its own pace here, letting everyone to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, positive spirit and an easy communication.

Open kitchen and bar allows our guests to make a pleasant conversation with bartenders, Chefs and anyone around. There is always a possibility to discuss latest news, weather outside the window or to talk about any other more serious matter and lead a deep philosophical conversation.

Antiquarny Boutique & Bar expands usual understanding of the term «Bar»: friendly attitude rules the place, there are no strangers and indifferent people here, nor there is a single matter of furniture and decor that you wouldn't be able to buy.